LA VIP BUS was the bus of choice for Virgin Records’ combined release and limited North American tour of “It Is Time For A Love Revolution” by Lenny Kravitz.
..on tour with Rockstar Lenny Kravitz!

Why You Need a Bus Wrap from LA VIP BUS

Bus wrapping is an effective choice for any type of promotion. Whether it’s designed as a huge logo that will build name recognition or for a special event. There are different ways we can go with your bus graphics. Whether a bus has windows or has a solid exterior, we can warp it. We can also wrap the whole bus or just a single side. When you contact LA VIP BUS to discuss your project, we will offer our recommendations and get to work designing a perfect graphic for your brand, business or organization.

Imagine you are the owner of an art gallery, and you want to promote a work of art or visiting artist that will be on display for the season. Consider wrapping a bus with our California bus graphics. After a few days, thousands of eyes will see your bus wrap’s big advertisement about the visiting artist or the work of art in your gallery.

Designing the Perfect Bus Wrap

It’s ideal to strike a balance while mobile advertising with an unforgettable visual, which is also easy to read. You don’t want people looking at the side of the bus as it passes only to miss the important message. Clarity is important with a bus wrap, and that’s where our capable and intelligent graphic designers can help you make the most of your bus wrap.

It’s vital to use a font that’s easy to read from far away with an image size that’s clear to any onlooker on custom bus wraps. Making use of the right colors and the right balance of graphics and text requires the eye of a knowledgeable designer. You’re lucky because that’s exactly who we bring to the table when we start designing your bus wraps.

If you are interested in covering a bus with a cost-effective and dynamic advertisement wrap, get in touch with LA VIP BUS to learn more about our bus wraps service in California. We have covered many buses with partial and full wraps, and we can help you make the most of the valuable advertising space on your bus and get your message to thousands of prospective customers.

Wrap Measurement and format: 11H x 45L

Provide a high-resolution file At least 100 dpi PDF or Vector file.

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